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Diet and exercise will do wonders for your body but if you are looking to get rid of specific stubborn areas of body fat that won’t disappear with regular effort alone, what are your options?

Bodysculpting is a great method to get rid of specific areas of extra fat on the body for a smooth and sculpted look. Non-invasive body sculpting in particular is the ideal method that allows you to save time and resume normal activities. 

Improving your body and feeling confident in your skin shouldn’t be a chore, come with a plethora of rules or recovery time. If you are looking for the ideal way to get the look you want and be able to jump back into your routine, non-invasive body sculpting is right for you. Here are four reasons why non-invasive body sculpting may be right for you. 

1. It’s Incision Free

Unlike traditional body treatments such as liposuction or tummy tucks, non-invasive body sculpting does not cut into your skin, requiring any stitches or anesthesia. 

With invasive fat reduction surgeries, there is a long recovery period of about six weeks, and it typically comes with discomfort, bruising, redness, swelling, and restrictive garment wear. There is a very precise after-care regimen that is necessary to minimize scarring from incisions that need to heal. 

Pain medication, taking daily walks and getting enough bed rest are just a few requirements for healing properly when it comes to invasive body sculpting procedures. 

Instead, non-invasive bodysculpting allows you to resume daily activities right after the treatment and does not require long periods of bed rest or aftercare because the dead cells are flushed out of your body naturally. 

2. Lower Risk

When undergoing any kind of surgery, there is a risk of complications. Whether it is liposuction or restrictive surgeries working to shrink the size of the stomach; these are surgical procedures that will have a level of risk.

Bodysculpting is not a weight-loss solution. It is a solution to reduce and minimize problem areas of stubborn fat. There is a much lower risk of complication for a non-invasive body treatment such as body sculpting whether that is our Coolsculpting or Vanquishing treatment. 

3. Lower Cost

Beauty and wellness are usually industry services that end up being pricey in comparison to other types of day-to-day expenses. But if you are looking for a low-cost option that will not break the bank, non-invasive fat reduction treatments are ideal for keeping your body care in check. 

Coolsculpting is not as dramatically expensive as an elective surgery such as lipo or putting in a gastric band to restrict the amount of food your stomach can house has a deep dent in your pockets. Instead, choose the safer and less expensive option. 

4. No Scarring

Unlike traditional fat loss surgery, body sculpting does not require any incisions during the process. Because of this, you will not encounter any scarring after the treatment. Unfortunately, this is a risk you are taking when you undergo fat reduction treatments such as liposuction that surgically remove fat from the body. 

With bodysculpting you won’t have to worry about damaged healthy tissue for the areas of the body you are trying to trim down. 

Our Bodysculpting Options


This body sculpting option freezes away fat with a process called cryolipolysis idea for reducing localized fat that doesn’t respond to traditional diet and exercise. This method is ideal for the chin, upper arms, hips (great for attacking love handles), and underneath the buttocks. 

Fat cells under the skin are frozen using a handheld applicator. First, a gel pad is applied to the area to protect the skin. Next, fat is suctioned into the applicator’s opening. A tugging or pulling sensation is part of the Vanquish process.  


Slim multiple areas of your body by eliminating fat located on problem areas such as your stomach, and thighs using radiofrequency energy to remove fat cells.

Fat cells are heated using the applicator, pinpointed on target locations while the client lies down. A warm sensation will be felt, similar to the heat from a hot-water bottle or a heating pad during the treatment.  

How it Works

Once you book a consultation at our Med Spa on the day of your appointment your clinician will explain how the procedure works and pinpoint the areas of fat reduction. Individual patients require different approaches to fat loss.

Book a consultation today! 

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