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5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Med Spa Day | Grand Opening

Going to a med spa can be a fun and exciting experience for many, but what are the actual benefits?

A medical spa offers so much more than the average day spa because guests have access to doctor’s office procedures along with traditional spa offerings. In this case, Rejuvenate Restore Med Spa is under the direction of board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. James L. Chappuis.

People of all ages, backgrounds, and interests can benefit from a non-surgical aesthetic medical center to improve appearance, beauty, health, and wellness.

Our med spa is proud to announce our grand opening here at Rejuvenate Restore Med Spa, and we would love to share why everyone needs a med spa day: 

1. Reduces stress

Relaxation is key to stress reduction. If you are having racing thoughts, feel overwhelmed at work, or are bombarded by taking care of your family, you may be experiencing some signs of stress. Massage at a spa is a great way to reduce stress levels and temper the feeling of overwhelm. By relaxing the body that has been in a tense position due to stress, you lower your cortisol levels, therefore lowering your stress. Enjoy a 60-minute or 90-minute massage and let your stress melt away. 

The stressors of everyday life place wear and tear on the body on individuals who have sedentary work and living environments, let alone the wear on the body for more active lifestyles. Your body, mind, and spirit can always use a refresh. The same way that you get ready for work the night before, or meal prep for your week ahead, a med spa will restore and reenergize your body for your upcoming week.  

2. Regain confidence

Whether you are great at keeping up with your beauty and skincare routine, or find yourself busy during the week, a medspa is ideal for getting back to your happy, healthy, confident self. 

There are many ways to improve skin confidence, depending on what you want to accomplish. At Rejuvenate Restore Med Spa, we offer a variety of facial options for aging, acne, or discoloration. For example, we offer options such as an acupuncture facial, a hydra facial, or a PCA skin peel or focus on specific skin treatments such as micro-needling or dermaplaning. 

3. Digital detox

Disconnecting from digital spaces and reconnecting with your body will do wonders for your overall wellbeing. As life progresses through more and more digital environments, we find much of our communication, entertainment, recreational activities, and work occupying digital space

Unplugging from online environments not only reconnects you with your physicality but allows you to regain present-moment awareness that is often abdicated after long periods within digital mediums. Having a moment of digital detox creates stronger immersion for present activities, sensory awareness, and longer attention spans that can deeply nourish your sense of wellness. Lose track of the outside world and reconnect to yourself with nourishing, luxurious treatments.

4. Sculpt your body

Whether you are looking to maintain your appearance, or smooth out certain areas, a med spa is designed to provide you with non-surgical aesthetic options that will improve your overall look. Coolsculpting is one of the body sculpting treatments that is a non-invasive way to give you the figure that you desire. This technique is a procedure that will freeze fat cells on desired areas of the body to remove fat from the body. Another option available is vanquishing treatment, which uses infrared technology to heat fat cells and destroy them.

5. Get better sleep

Adults need around seven or more hours of sleep a night to be healthy and energetic throughout the day according to the CDC. The trick is being able to make time for enough hours of sleep in the day, fall asleep faster, and have deep, restorative sleep. According to the CDC, about 70 million people living in America have trouble sleeping.

Activities such as facials, massage, and wellness treatments that create a relaxed atmosphere, clear your mind and lower your cortisol levels; the ideal way to relax and better your chances of restful sleep. Our Infrared Sauna Blanket is ideal for relaxation and sleep promotion. It deeply cleanses your body, calms your mind, reduces stress, and puts you to sleep. Many of us struggle to get a full 8 hours of sleep or fall asleep right away and relaxation is the number one way to access that restful state. 

Rejuvenate Restore Med Spa would like to formally announce its grand opening and welcome new guests! We are specifically designed to foster health and wellness relationships with those interested in bridging the gap between their beauty and health regimens. Med spas are the ideal place to experience a multitude of benefits all while improving your appearance in a luxurious environment. 

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