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Beauty and wellness often go hand-in-hand because how we look directly impacts how we feel. From our clothing choice, to how we style our hair, to the way we fit into our clothes, and the shape of our face, the way we look, how we maintain our physical selves sends a message to others and ourselves about who we are. 

More importantly, our physical and intellectual well-being are crucial steps to maintaining two of the eight dimensions of wellness that govern how we stay healthy and whole individuals. All dimensions overlap and play one another, so it’s crucial to have a strong and balanced mixture of all realms. But what is wellness, and why should you maintain it? 

According to the National Wellness Institute, wellness is defined as “an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence”. The best version of yourself is someone who has a strong grasp on how to balance all 8 dimensions of wellness to live a sustainable and healthy life. Here is what all 8 dimensions of wellness consist of:  

8 Dimensions of Wellness 

  1. Physical: Maintain an appropriate level of physical activity, hygiene, healthy food, and sleep. Engage in self-care behaviors that will prevent illness, disease and maintain the body. 
  2. Intellectual/Mental: Foster your unique talents, pushing your brain towards more difficult tasks, thoughts, and activities, and your ability to continue to learn and grow. 
  3. Emotional: Develop and sustain healthy and satisfying relationships while being able to adapt to life’s challenges.
  4. Social: Spend time with others, connect to people who have the same interests as you do, and recognize when you are in an unhealthy relationship and when to step away from it are all elements of social wellness. 
  5. Spiritual: Spiritual wellness has to do with your beliefs and what you find meaningful. This is the basis of your morality, how you view yourself, and what it means to be a good individual. 
  6. Environmental: Maintain your environment in a way that supports your well-being through organization, cleanliness, and resources. A healthy environment is one that supports well-being and creates a positive atmosphere of healthy habits that uplift you. Spending time in a safe and comfortable space.
  7. Financial: Acquire financial stability, feel satisfied with your current and future financial goals, or work towards making a change until you are happy with your finances. 
  8. Occupational: Occupy a career that enriches and satisfies your personal interests and skills for daily work. 

Work Towards Wholeness

Connecting your body, mind, and spirit is a challenging but rewarding process. It’s important to check in on your overall wellness and reflect on what is working to increase how well-rounded and healthy you are versus what aspects of your life detract from it. 

Once you identify the positives and negatives you can then maintain what is working and cut out what is holding you back from achieving wholeness. 

When the 8 dimensions of wellness are in balance it becomes easier to navigate life and focus on more about what you care about, feel more optimistic, and move throughout your life without getting in your own way. By maintaining all 8 aspects of wellness it will be easier for you to age, overcome difficult situations, and feel more fulfillment. 

Connect With Yourself

At Rejuvenate Restore Med Spa we are dedicated to helping our clients find their path to wellness. How you feel about yourself, your stress levels, and how well you take care of your physical body impacts your overall mental health. Acceptance and appreciation of your body are influential factors within multiple dimensions of wellness. 

We pride ourselves in beauty, wellness, and wholeness whether that means a massage for stress and tension relief, enhancing your physical appearance with a smile lift or botox, or IV therapy and vitamin shots that will cleanse the body and provide the nutrients it needs, we are here to help. 

If you would like to book an appointment with Rejuvenate Restore Med Spa call today: 678-841-7055.