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Lady Gaga swears by the power of infrared sauna treatments to help relieve the pain and symptoms she has from fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition. Today, an infrared sauna treatment is easier than ever with comfortable and convenient infrared sauna blankets. Are you intrigued yet? 

During traditional infrared sauna treatment, you sit in a large, enclosed box that emits infrared light rays. Infrared rays heat your body directly without warming the air around you. These sauna treatments cause bodily reactions that resemble a vigorous workout — your heart rate climbs, you sweat, and your body releases a rush of feel-good endorphins. 

An infrared sauna blanket does the same thing, only you lay under a heated blanket that wraps around you instead of sitting in a box. Under your toasty warm blanket, all you have to do is close your eyes, relax, and maybe throw on some good tunes to keep you company. During treatment, you’ll have the option to adjust the blanket settings to a heat that’s comfortable to you.  

An infrared sauna blanket boasts numerous wellness benefits — keep reading to find out more!

5 Incredible Wellness Benefits of Sauna Blanket Sessions

If you’re looking for a new way to pamper your body, infrared sauna blankets are the wellness treatment you need. Treatment has few risks, and each session is incredibly relaxing for your mind and body. Here are some of the amazing wellness benefits you can expect.

  1. Better heart health. Infrared sauna blankets can improve your cardiovascular health. Research suggests that infrared treatments help reduce oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and lower blood pressure — all of which positively impact your heart health. 
  2. Pain relief. One of the leading benefits of sauna blanket sessions is relief from chronic pain. If you have joint pain and stiffness or tight, tense muscles, sauna sessions can help reduce inflammation and soothe your aches and pains. A sauna blanket session may be especially helpful if you’re living with a chronic condition like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue syndrome.    
  3. A clearer complexion. It’s time to add infrared sauna blanket sessions to your skincare routine! Each heated session can improve blood circulation in your body (thus sending fresh oxygen and nutrients to your skin) and help you sweat out pore-clogging dirt, oils, and bacteria. 
  4. Better mood and sleep. Ah, one of the most enjoyable advantages of infrared blankets: the endorphin rush and elevated heart rate that comes from a good workout….without having to work out. It’s the best of both worlds. A sauna blanket session can cause your body to release all the feel-good hormones that put you in a better mood and help you sleep more peacefully at night. Some people experience a reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms following treatment. 
  5. A deep sense of relaxation. At the end of a long day, a good sweat session under an infrared blanket can help you relax, unwind, lower your blood pressure, and feel far less stressed. Simply relaxing enough to lower your stress level unlocks so many benefits to your health and well-being, from better sleep and weight control to a stronger immune system and less pain. 

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At Rejuvenate Restore Med Spa, we offer individual sauna blanket sessions along with several packages to meet your wellness needs. Each session costs $60 for 55 minutes under the warm and relaxing blanket. For those on the go, we also have a 30-minute session for  $35. When you’re ready to book your first session, fill out our online form here to get started!